8 Tips to Master Holiday Marketing Campaigns

The holiday season is an extremely useful time for small businesses to experience monumental progress in sales, brand awareness, and market growth. But, too often the seemingly endless possibilities lead businesses to chose marketing campaigns that fall short. Follow inMark Media’s tips for small business holiday marketing campaigns, and your business may be celebrating a new year and a large return on investment:



  1. It’s never too early to begin planning


Seriously. If you even think for a moment that ‘maybe I can wait a few weeks,’ you’re already wasting time.


Planning your holiday marketing campaign early (even as early as July) will help you think of any potential issues that may arise before it’s too late. Not to mention, launching early (if your competitors are taking a seat back for the time being) will give you more attention from a larger portion of the target market, too.


  1. Don’t assume that people will go searching for your promotions


Don’t get lost in the vast sea of advertising and promotions during the holiday season. Repetition is key. Your ads should be eye-catching, yes, but they should also be in abundance. Constantly remind your audience about the sale you’re having, the hashtags users should put in their posts to win a gift card or the spirit your company exudes during the holidays. Without these reminders, your company may slip into the pits of lost revenue.


  1. Chose your stance on Black Friday—and stick to it

No, not whether you’re going to have Black Friday sales, but when your store will open. The open-on-thanksgiving debate is highly controversial to both customers and companies. To avoid any unwanted bad rep, make sure you have a solid stance on the issue and don’t contradict what you say with what you do. AKA, if you preach throughout that “family is the most important part of the holidays” but require all employees to staff your store on Thanksgiving, you may be creating a not-so-honest and not-so-transparent brand.


  1. Tell your costumers what they need

Gift guides are one of the best holiday marketing investments in a company, especially retail, can make. Throw together a quick guide, or reach out to a media company to do it for you. Start by sectioning off the guide with “gifts for her,” “gifts for the kids,” “gifts for parents,” sections. Costumers often want help with holiday shopping. Giving them an easy-to-follow guide will ease their shopping anxieties. If you can convince your audience that your products are something they need not just something they should look at, you’ll come out a winner.


  1. Figure out how to relate your brand to the holidays


Whether you run your own dental practice or sell tires for cars and trucks, every business can relate to the holidays. Sometimes it just takes a little creativity. Let’s take a dental practice for example. If your goal is to increase brand awareness, create a unique holiday candy giveaway. Caption your social media posts with thoughtful quotes like “we’ll help you fix up your teeth after all this sugar.” Then, ask users to follow your page, like your picture, and comment a friend to be entered into the giveaway. This can grow your social media reach exponentially.


  1. Chose a voice and stick with it.


Consistency is essential during the holiday seasons. If your brand is flip-flopping between gung-ho holiday advocate and nothing more than a bah-humbug, you’re going to confuse your audience to the point of no-purchase. Instead, choose a solid attitude and voice and continue it from Thanksgiving to New Years.


  1. Donate a portion to charity—and mean it.


The holidays are naturally a charitable time of year. But, constant pushes for extra donations from customers upon checkout can create an overwhelming atmosphere. Instead, donate a percentage of the company’s profit to a charity. This gesture takes the pressure off the customer while encouraging them to make the purchase in the first place (granted they know about your donation). And, they may be more likely to make a return visit.



  1. Measure your outcomes

Whatever path you decide to take, make sure your holiday marketing is completely measurable. Tracking a proper return on investment will help your company when a new holiday season rolls around.


Need more help figuring out what campaign will bring the most benefit to your business? Click here for more.

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How Emotional Intelligence Will Lead to Success

InMark isn’t just a company; it’s a team that works thoroughly and efficiently to reach company and individual goals. One of those goals is team bonding and building. It’s a key aspect to the success of inMark and, really, any company, organization, or group that is shooting for the stars. One way inMark Media maintains team relationships is through emotional intelligence.

Emotional Intelligence is the ability to react to situations with control, empathy, self awareness and social awareness in a way that maintains relationships, is motivating, and self-regulating. In other words, it’s people skills. Yes, technical skills, IQ, experience using software and job-specific skills are all necessary for employment. But, what truly makes an outstanding leader outshine a good leader? Emotional intelligence.

It’s like working out

Emotional intelligence requires you to rewire your brain’s innate impulses and habits. Let’s look at an analogy:

Say you work out 5 days a week, every week, for 2 years. After two years, you’ve established discipline. You’ve trained your body to act a certain way, to change, and to develop. It probably wasn’t easy in the beginning to leave work and go straight to the gym or wake up at the crack of dawn to get on the treadmill. But, after 2 years these actions feel like the other aspects of your everyday life. You’ve created a habit!

That’s the whole concept behind emotional intelligence. The only difference? You’re ‘working out’ your mind instead of your body. Some people are naturally more self-aware or in-tune with people’s emotions, so developing emotional intelligence won’t be a struggle. Others are born into unfortunate situations and have deep-seeded family issues. These people may require more practice and mind training.

But, Regardless of our emotional brain makeup, we can consistently learn and develop emotional intelligence through plasticity, a “term that neurologists use to describe the brain’s ability to change” [1]. Over time, these practices will become intrinsic habits.

It creates trust

Understanding and maintaining control of your emotions will help you subdue the urge to act on an emotional impulse. Every human has emotions. They are our first reactions to any situation we are in. Gaining control of our emotions is not pretending they don’t exist; gaining control helps us accept our emotions and work them into our favor. Will you get mad that you weren’t offered the job you had been dreaming about? Probably. Should you slam your fist against the wall 15 times to let that anger out? Probably not.

Obviously, that’s an extreme example, but it gets the point across. With emotional intelligence, you understand your emotions, and you’re able to react to situations in a mannerly way. This is especially important for leadership positions. Leaders who are attempting to establish an environment that fosters success and improvement need to acquire employee trust. It’s human nature to be drawn to situations and cultures where we are treated fairly and equally.

For all aspects of life

Emotional intelligence, as a tool and as a way of life, is important to all aspects of

ultimate succession. Whether you’re acting as a leader to your employees, a father or mother to your children, or a teacher to your students, an advanced emotional intelligence creates habits that allow you to act properly. ‘Book smarts’ are important. But, understanding the emotions of others creates an environment that fosters productivity and success.


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Be A Student of the Process

Everything is better when you work for it don’t you think? Water tastes like everything after a long work out, a fish tastes better after you catch it, and finishing a race feels much better when you’ve been training hard for it. This goes for many areas in our lives, and sometimes we are conditioned to reap rewards for not doing anything, like when we all get participation trophies in little league or awards for doing the bare minimum. Carol Deck, the author of the book, Mindset, nails the idea of working for something by saying;

“Becoming is better than being.”

The joy of being great comes from the process it took to get there. If we all started at the top, it wouldn’t mean as much to us compared to actually putting in the hard work, going through the struggle, and pushing forward. It is what makes us human. What would success mean to us without struggle? Not much.


Source: https://inmarkmg.blogspot.com/2018/07/be-student-of-process.html

inMark Media: Advertising and Media Agency

As a small business in Westchester, NY it may be hard to develop your brand with so much competition in your area. You want your business to STAND OUT when someone comes across it on the web. Your logo, your website, and even your social media play a big role in your branding. If your branding isn’t the best, the results (or lack of) will show in the long run. Your business may have a good ad on television that brings in a few instant sales, but a strong brand will have a greater return for a long time. People sometimes buy because they are tempted to (by an ad or friend), but the big sales come from your customers who believe in your product and your image. You’re in luck, on top of Supermarket Advertising, we at inMark are also a full-service agency! Working out of our headquarters in White Plains, we bring a team of talented individuals who work every day to ensure our clients are satisfied with their branding. 

What We Offer

  • Supermarket Advertising

With several different options to choose from, we make it possible for you to reach your local market easily at a cost-effective rate! Focusing on repetition, exposure, and a precise target audience, we can make your business the most well known in the area. Through this repetitive approach, your brand will be in the minds of your consumers. Learn more about supermarket advertising. 

  • Brand Development

When growing a business, building a brand is more important than the money you spend on your actual product. People relate to brands in one way or another. A customer can be looking to purchase a generic shoe brand, but come across the Nike brand. Everything he or she previously thought goes out the window, and the customer now goes for the more expensive pair, all because of Nike exceptional brand development. Think of it like planting a seed of awareness, by nurturing it your business will grow along with it.

  • Logo Design

Your logo is your business and your business is your logo. Our graphic designers can revamp your branding campaign with a custom made logo that you will love. Your logo is directly tied to your business, and the most well-known brands don’t even have to say anything because of the traction of their logo! Just look at Apple. Check out this logo for a local mechanic shop GT Auto Tech!

  • Website Design

Creating a website for your business in this day and age. People like to look at clean, professional websites when purchasing a service or product. A lot of businesses do have websites, but are they appealing AND responsive? Websites aren’t just for computers anymore, customers have access to the web on their phones. Ensuring your website is responsive on more than one platform is a guarantee we abide by. On top of appealing and responsive, your website can be used as an e-commerce to sell without coming into contact with your customers! To the right is a website designed by our team for a local restaurant called Tesoro D’Italia Restaurant.

  • Social Media

Approximately 70% of Americans use social media, according to Pew Research Center. That is an untapped market if you aren’t already taking advantage of it. Even if you are, social media is not easy to run for a business. Consistency and quality posts are key. Allow us to create and schedule content, while strategically following prospective customers, and maintaining a brand and voice across multiple platforms. These include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more.

  • Copywriting

I would be lying if I told you your words don’t mean anything. They do! Especially online when it is your only way of communicating with your customers. You may purchase packages of email campaigns, website copy, and/or blogs. Whatever it is that your business needs, we can do!

  • Printing

A business card, flyer, or brochure is usually the first impression of your business and brand your client or potential hire will receive after speaking with you. Let our team of graphic designers create custom and professional branding materials for you to take where ever you go.

Every business needs work on their branding. Your small business can be the most well known in Westchester by coming to your local White Plains Full Service Agency! Contact us at inMark Media and we can get started on what is best for you!


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Source: https://inmarkmg.blogspot.com/2018/07/inmark-media-advertising-and-media.html

7 Ways to Get Your Tweets Noticed

Social media is hard to use for a small business like yourself, and Twitter can be even more difficult staying relevant to the fast-paced approach of trending topics. Used properly and these outlets can bring great success to your brand and business. So, how does one get noticed on Twitter? 

  1. Personalize your retweets

Adding retweets to your twitter arsenal is one of the easiest ways to stay on your followers’ timelines. But, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll be looking at you. They may just be looking at the person you retweeted. Instead of retweeting, quote tweet relevant tweets and add a personal touch. This will increase engagement with your page.

  1. Trending topics

When something is trending, especially in your area, that means a lot of people care about the topic enough to be tweeting consistently about it. Those who aren’t tweeting may also click on the trending topics to see what the conversation is all about. So, if you see a trending topic that you can relate to the brand and goals of your company, tweet about it! You’ll most likely increase your page’s exposure.

  1. Visuals

Most people are using Twitter on their mobile devices. That means a tweet filled with 140 characters may not be as visually attractive as a tweet with visuals or links. People want to interact. You just have to give them the tools to do so.

  1. Replies

Engagement with your audience is a two-way street. You can’t expect your followers to reach out to you if you aren’t giving them the time of day yourself. Even if they never mentioned your twitter handle, reply to relevant tweets with a clever, useful, even witty response that will leave them yearning for more.

  1. Questions

The easiest way to get responses is to ask questions. But, don’t make them nonsense questions that your target audience wouldn’t answer. Make them insightful and meaningful. Not “What’s your favorite color?” but “What is your biggest struggle for marketing your small business?” Real questions that give you real answers.

  1. Polls

But, let’s be honest. Not everyone is comfortable replying to questions publically, especially if they are too personal. But, a good way to maintain engagement with your Twitter audience is posting polls. They’re extremely easy to make and are available for 24 hours to respond to. The only downside is you can’t see exactly who responded. But, on Twitter, engagement is engagement. The more, the better.

  1. Advice

If you’re positioning yourself as a credible source, then you need to start sharing some credible, useful information. Retweeting is great, but if it isn’t coming from you, all you are doing is giving that source the accreditation you were longing for. Instead, use your own voice and share some insightful tweets.

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Grow Out of Your Comfort Zone

Change is inevitable and is a large factor in life. Most people fear change and the unexpected, but the key is to embrace it! If you are not undergoing change, you are not growing. When a company becomes comfortable, they operate in means of what they are used to, rather than implementing new strategies that ultimately lead to greater success. Innovation can cause a business to prosper and prevent it from becoming obsolete. Whether it’s finally using social media to market your company, or introducing a new sales approach, do not fear the unknown! Take action towards growth because it is exactly what your company needs to survive.

Keep an open mind:

 As a leader, employer or even an employee, sooner or later you must recognize that you are not the only person with a source of ideas. Establish an environment where people will be heard and feel comfortable openly communicating their ideas. It is important to realize “newcomers” may have fresh, new thoughts to contribute, as opposed to veterans who have been in the business for a longer period of time. An idea that sounded crazy 3 years ago, might be exactly what your company needs now. Your co-workers can help generate innovation and potentially bring what you need to the table.

Take action! Don’t be hesitant:

Many of us get caught up on waiting for the perfect moment to implement a new idea. You are wasting your time by doing so. You cannot wait for the perfect moment because it will never come, you must create the perfect moment by taking action. If you have a great idea the best thing you can do is just get started. You’re better off getting into the market, undergoing trial and error, learning, growing, and upgrading as you go, than to wait for the “perfect moment”. 

The more you learn, the more you earn:

As a marketer or any business person for that matter, you must have a learning mindset. The more you learn, the more you will be able to adapt to change and continue to grow as a person and a business. Being able to adapt to the environment around can determine whether your business will sink or float. Keep learning and keep earning!

Stay positive:

It is always important to pursue growth with a positive mindset. Remaining positive even when progress is not immediately noticeable, is important not only to you but to those you work with as well. Positivity is contagious and can affect the morale of those you surround yourself with. If you want a healthy and efficient work environment, it is your job to stay positive.

source https://inmarkmg.com/culture/grow-out-of-your-comfort-zone/
Source: https://inmarkmg.blogspot.com/2018/07/grow-out-of-your-comfort-zone.html

Supermarket Advertising Options

With supermarket advertising you are not limited to one space, inMark provides a few options to reach your target audience. We often promote our brand bars to local businesses, but we offer other products like welcome centers, shopping carts, cart corrals, brand bins, brand benches and now, DIGITAL SCREENS! Here are some brief descriptions of our products for you to choose which is best for your business!

Brand Bars

Brand bars are not the typical grocery dividers you see in every checkout lane. At inMark Media, we have an innovative design that separates it from our competitors. Our nifty brand bars are made with a 3-inch billboard that displays a double-sided advertisement, guaranteeing passive revenue and engagement from your local market.

Welcome Centers

Our welcome centers are strategically placed at the entrance or exit of the store. The first or last thing a customer sees coming in and out of a supermarket. These welcome centers stand at a whopping 71/2 feet tall for precise targeting to guarantee you get noticed.

Shopping Cart

These are special because we place your ad in every cart in the store! Customers will be walking around with your ad for the 30 to 60 minutes they spend in the supermarket. That is a lot of time spent with your ad and can create countless opportunities for you.

Cart Corrals

Cart corrals are strategically placed in the parking lot where customers are either glancing at it on the way in or putting their carts back at the end of their experience.  These corrals are 30″ by 46″ so they are big enough to get the attention of customers walking into a supermarket.

Brand Bins

These garbage bins are covered with ad space for your business. Strategically positioned at the entrance and exit of the store, customers eyes will be drawn to the bins because of the colors. It’s not your average bin that you just walk by and throw your trash in. With the help of our graphic designers, these bins will be the most important trash bins you ever come across.

Brand Benches

These are your typical ad filled benches you see at bus stops and on the street. Only thing is, ours are placed where shoppers may take a seat if they are waiting for a cab or for the car to pull around.

With so many options to advertise in supermarkets, why wouldn’t you? Partner with us at inMark to get the most out of your ads. That isn’t our only specialty. Let us know if managing your social media or webpage is too much for you, we can help. Contact us at inMark Media so we can get to work!

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It is human nature to want what we don’t have


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5 Apps Designed to Make Your Business Grow

It is imperative to have your business up and running and have a digital presence. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on software or try to develop your own, as was done in the past. Today, you don’t even have to leave your establishment to find the perfect solutions for your business needs.

    1. Gusto.  No business owner, unless you are providing tax help or CPA services, will know the ins and outs of how to manage payroll, benefits, and taxes. It can be a nightmare for some and a place where one small error could become very costly. The app formerly known as ZenPayroll streamlines the process and puts you at ease by reporting new hires to the government; handling all local, state and federal tax filings; automating deductions for benefits and workers’ comp payments; and emailing digital pay stubs to your employees and independent contractors. It’s also mobile friendly so you can do it all right from your phone if need be.  It charges $39 per month and $6 per employee. Therefore, if you have a company of 10, that’s only $99 a month.

    2. Trello. This app is designed to get your team working collaboratively on various projects all at once and keeps it all organized for you within its easy to use ecosystem.  Within the app you make cards that represent projects, once each project is assigned to people to work on, they can be moved into stages of completion. Once you’ve done your part in the process, you simply move the card on to the next stage. Complex projects can be completed with ease, without the excessive and lengthy status meetings. You receive a free trial and when that is complete, you pay $9.99 per month per user when paid annually.

    3. Skype. This app might as well be a household name. It has been around for awhile and is not going anywhere. Every small business should have a means of communication with its employees, clients, and even customers. Many other video conferencing companies have tried to replace Skype but it truly is an indispensable app. Features include transmitting of photos and files of any size, sharing your computer screen, calling a group of up to 25 people and sending text messages. The basic version is free but if you want to upgrade, Skype for Business starts at $5 per user per month. It integrates with Microsoft Office and allows you to hold online video meetings and calls with up to 250 people.

    4. MyMinutes. Every small business owner knows that managing your time is the most important part of your job. If you cannot get the million and one things done each day, you run the risk of losing out on the most important part of your business, money. And since time is money, this app helps you manage your time by setting the minimum or maximum amount of time you want to put into a task and keeping you to it. Using ‘at least’ and ‘at most’ goals, My Minutes delivers a two-pronged boost to your productivity. You cut down on wasted time, and spend that time being more productive.” It is only $2.99 on the app store.

    5. Expensify. If you happen to be your own business and charge others for your time and services or if you want to track your own expenses for reporting later to help ease your accounting process later, look no further than Expensify.  Expensify takes the pain out of keeping track of your expenses by allowing you to take a picture of your receipts or linking your credit or debit cards for automatic tracking and placement on an expense report. Expensify costs $5 per month per active account for team users and $9 per month per active user for corporate users. Companies with more than 1,000 employees can get custom pricing.

Every business owner must equip themselves with the necessary tools to succeed. In this digital age, the solutions are out there, all you need to do is your research and decide what is most convenient and cost-effective for you. inMark Media Group provides businesses with sales consulting services among other agency services, including logo and website design, brand development, and social media management. For more information visit the services section or contact us at 844-INMARK-1.

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